Care19 Alert respects your privacy and does not ask you to provide personal details, such as name, email, phone number, or address. The Care19 Alert application does not collect location data.

Exposure Notification Operation

Care19 Alert uses the Google\Apple Exposure Notification System (ENS) to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The ENS system maintains your privacy by exchanging random tokens with nearby devices that are also using Care19 Alert or another ENS enabled app. The random tokens, which change every 15 minutes, are kept on your device hidden from the Care19 Alert application in a cryptographically protected data store.

If you are contacted by the Department of Health after testing positive for COVID-19 you may be asked if you are using an ENS enabled application or device. You may then decide to share your ENS tokens by pushing the “Notify Others” button. When you decide to "Notify Others” your tokens and date of creation are securely transmitted to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL).

Periodically, the Care19 Alert app will request an updated list of tokens from the Association of Public Health Laboratories that have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis associated with them. The ENS on your device will then compare positive tokens with the tokens stored on your device and will notify Care19 Alert of the time when you were near someone with a positive diagnosis.

Third Party Processors

Care19 Alert uses Google Firebase Analytics to collect usage data. All personalization options are disabled for analytics processing. Care19 Alert does not capture the Apple or Google Advertiser Ids. Care19 Alert uses Google Firebase Crashlytics to capture application crashes and assist in the process of fixing bugs. Care19 Alert uses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging to manage the process of sending notifications to users who grant permission. Information about Google Firebase privacy policies can be found here.

Care19 Alert allows users to optionally turn on an additional level of diagnostics to assist in customer support if the app is not working properly. This option is present in the "About" screen of Care19 Alert. If you enable enhanced diagnostics, data about the operation of the Care19 Alert app will be sent to Bugfender. Information about Bugfender's privacy policies can be found here.

Health Authorities

The aggregate number of exposure notifications on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is available to the Department of Health in your state. The aggregate number of users who use the app on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is available to the Department of Health. The Department of Health can also get this aggregate data broken down by Affiliate.


Care19 enables Affiliates (businesses, universities, and schools) to tune the matching algorithm for their work or classroom environment. Affiliates can add additional criteria to the matching algorithm that is in addition to the state's default configuration.

Affiliates can add extra instructions for the user if they get an exposure notification. For example, a university might inform its students to contact the campus health center to obtain a Covid test.

Affiliates get data on the total number of affiliated devices running the Care19 Alert application. Affiliates get aggregate information on the number of exposure notifications generated for affiliated devices.

Joining an affiliate is optional and you can disassociate yourself at any time.